Doug Morris really enjoys working with WordPress. WordPress is a full content management system used to set up and design websites and blogs. It is a great way for small businesses to get up and running on the web and look professional while doing it! Doug has extensive training in computer security and digital forensics; this plays a huge role into his strong interest, passion and success with installing, configuring, designing, maintaining self-hosted and WordPress hosted websites.  Contact Doug Morris if you need help with WordPress, he can be a great help!

Masonry Construction
Masonry Construction is one of Doug Morris’ passions.  For over 15 years Doug Morris worked as a Union Stone Mason and Bricklayer in the Chicago area and in Southern Wisconsin.  Doug Morris was mostly engaged in large scale commercial and high rise projects but many of his favorite projects include residential fireplaces and pizza ovens. As a hobby, Mr. Morris authors and maintains and provides friends and family with free masonry construction services, as long as they provide food, beer and labor. 😉 Contact Doug if you need someone to talk to about your next Masonry Project!

Doug Morris Brick and Stone Mason